Neck Pain

neck-painMild pain and stiffness in the neck are commonly experienced by many people from time to time. In most instances, the discomfort is caused by spinal misalignment that occurs as the result of holding the head at an awkward position, such as sleeping in an improper position, or overworking. While most minor aches and pains tend to subside within a day or two, in many instances, underlying problems still remain.

Knowing if Your Neck Pain is Serious

In many instances, your symptoms can tell you a lot about the underlying cause of your neck pain. For example, if your neck feels relatively okay in the morning but feels worse as the day progresses, the most likely cause is muscular weakness, fatigue or strain. If you are experiencing neck pain in the morning that subsides later in the day, arthritis may be to blame. Neck pain that is made worse by sneezing or coughing could indicate serious disc issues, and if you get dizzy or light headed when turning or elevating your head, this is a strong indicator of a serious neck problem.

If you experience neck pain that goes away on its own and doesn’t return, it may not be a cause for major concern. If, however, you are experiencing recurring pain, achiness or stiffness in your neck, this is often a sign of a serious neck problem. In many instances, recurring episodes of a stiff neck are early indicators of disc or joint degeneration.

Ways to Prevent Neck Pain

  • Avoid sleeping on your stomach, which can cause the neck muscles to twist and stretch.
  • Don’t use too many pillows. Sleeping on a stack of pillows puts unneeded stress on the neck and upper back.
  • Always sit upright to read or watch television. Doing so while lying down can contort the neck.
  • When performing work that requires you to bend your neck downward or face the same direction for an extended period of time, take frequent breaks and change positions when possible.
  • Don’t carry purses or bags with shoulder straps. The weight from such bags pulls on the neck and can disturb the nerves in the shoulders, hands and arms.

Hillsboro Neck Pain Treatment

Your neck serves as a vital connection between your brain and the rest of your body. When left untreated, problems affecting the neck can lead to major problems, including disruption of basic bodily functions. Don’t let your minor neck pain turn into a major medical problem. Contact HealthSource today to schedule a consultation with Hillsboro chiropractor, Dr. Anthony Marasco. Call 503-648-6997.

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