Did you know that seeing a Hillsboro chiropractor regularly could improve your golf game and reduce your risk of injuries? Chiropractic golf rehabilitation keeps your spine in proper alignment, which helps prevent some of the most common injuries experienced by golfers, and it also ensure that you are playing at your best.

Golf Rehabilitation

Golf Rehabilitation

Want to improve your game? Trust HealthSource for Hillsboro, OR golf rehabilitation.

If you are a golfer, you undoubtedly spend hours on the driving range working on your swing and trying to perfect your game. All the practice in the world won’t do much good, though, if you aren’t healthy and physically fit. Our bodies perform their best when they are properly aligned and free from physical injuries. Even if you aren’t currently experiencing pain, there could be old sports injuries that are affecting your game. Common sites of golf-related injuries include:

If you experience pain in any of these areas while golfing, or even if you injured those areas in the past, golf rehabilitation from a skilled chiropractor could really improve your game. By treating current and past sports injuries, you are also reducing the risk of them potentially taking you out of the game.

Hillsboro, OR Golf Rehabilitation at HealthSource

If you are in need of Hillsboro, OR golf rehabilitation or other chiropractic services, trust Dr. Marasco of HealthSource. He has the knowledge and skills to successfully treat a number of sports and golf-related injuries. Even if you’re not feeling any pain, coming in for a spinal alignment could drastically improve your game. When you need Hillsboro chiropractic care, call HealthSource at (503) 648-6997.

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