• Chiropractic & Wellness

    • Are you suffering from neck, back, or joint pain?
    • Dont let a minor ache turn into a major problem that prevents you from enjoying everyday life!
    • We offer same day appointments and convenient hours to get you in, out, and back on on your feet.
    • Our services include chiropractic care, injury rehabilitation, massage, and overall pain relief.


    Hillsboro, OR Chiropractor
  • Automobile Injury Services

    • Are you in pain from an automobile accident?
    • Chiropractic adjustments can provide you with a drug-free, surgery-free solution to your pain.
    • Chiropractic treatment addresses the underlying spine or whiplash injury.
    • Our other therapies offer complementary treatment to help bring back full range of motion.
    Automobile injury services
  • Work-related Injury Services

    • Have you been injured in the workplace?
    • Studies show that chiropractic treatment is effective in getting injured workers back on the job.
    • Chiropractic care is effective–and less expensive–than traditional medicine in treatment of the exact same type of injury.
    • Avoid drugs in finding a solution to your pain.
    Work-related injury services
  • Sports Injury Services

    • Have your athletic endeavors come to a grinding halt because of injury?
    • Generally a musculoskeletal issue, sports injuries respond well to chiropractic treatment as chiropractic doctors have expertise in providing neuromusculoskeletal care.
    • A growing number of professional athletes and their coaches are turning to chiropractic care for improved performance, as well as prevention and management of injuries.
    • Whether you are a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, don’t be sidelined from injuries for any longer than you have to be.
    Sports injury services
Automobile Injury Services
Work-Related Injury Services
Sports Injury Services
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Hillsboro Chiropractor Clinic

Restoring health through the relentless pursuit of exceptional care.

Many people who have been injured in a motor vehicle accident often worry more about their vehicle than their own health. Those who have been injured at work are often distracted by paperwork and all that goes along with that type of injury, putting off seeking care for their injury. Many people with minor aches and pains ignore them until they are unable to participate in the things they enjoy most in their life. At Dr. Marasco’s Hillsboro chiropractic clinic, our focus is not only on the rehabilitation of acute injuries such as those related to automobile accidents and work injuries, but also in educating our patient’s in ways to avoid a minor ache turning into a major crisis. Dr. Anthony Marasco has spent the past six years honing his skills assisting people in their journey back to health.

Dr. Marasco works with patients as part of a team to create a personalized health-care or injury recovery plan that incorporates the following essentials:

He will work directly with you as part of a vital doctor/patient team to create a personalized health care plan incorporating exercise, strength, conditioning and nutrition as the basis for wellness. HealthSource is committed to providing natural, holistic healthcare to our patients with an emphasis on a patient’s wellness as a whole.

What makes us different is because we create an individualized style of care for each of our patients. We are able to take the time and create a specific rehabilitation program for each patient depending on the injury versus just assigning them a canned type program. We are extremely patient-centered and pride ourselves in developing long-term relationships with our patients. We not only wish to assist our patients in getting well, but we want to create an environment where they can have fun doing so.

Hillsboro Chiropractor - adjustment

If you have been in an auto accident, had an injury at work, or suffer from any other chronic conditions or persistently painful injuries, call HealthSource, your trusted chiropractor in Hillsboro, OR for an appointment today! – (503) 648-6997

About The Hillsboro Chiropractic Clinic

HealthSource of Hillsboro’s mission is “Restoring health through the relentless pursuit of exceptional care.” We know your good health is your top priority–and it’s ours too. It is our goal to become your clinic of choice for any and all of your musculoskeletal injuries, and to partner with you on your journey to good health and wellness.

When you come into our office, Dr. Marasco will take time to really listen to your concerns. We want to become familiar with how your are feeling about your health, your ability to work, and your ability to enjoy life. We want to know how your injuries and pain are impacting your quality of life. Our first priority is to relieve your pain and help your body heal naturally–without drugs or surgery. Our goal is to get to the bottom of the reason for your pain or injury so we can treat the cause rather than just address the symptoms. We are a family practice, and we want to be part of your overall pursuit to wellness.

Anthony Marasco DCDr. Anthony Marasco grew up in Redmond, Washington, and has spent the past three years practicing chiropractic in Clackamas, Oregon. Dr. Marasco has had a passion for health and wellness that began when he was a child. A graduate of Oregon State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise and Sports Science, he received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon.

Dr. Marasco leads an active life, and in his free time he enjoys golfing, exercising, reading, cooking, and spending time with family and friends. One of the things he loves about practicing at his Hillsboro chiropractic clinic is the opportunity it gives him to meet new people.

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